We've started a movement to get workers moving.

We are world-leading researchers, passionate about creating sustainable change to combat our modern epidemic of too much sitting.

Our story.

Our vision is to change today’s working environment so that sitting less and moving more becomes the new norm for a happier, healthier workplace. Building on over a decade of research into what works to reduce sitting time, we are now dedicating our efforts to impact workplace policy and practice at a national and international level.  

We believe that health promotion programs and workplace health and wellbeing initiatives should be accessible to all workers and workplaces. Our mission is to serve all sectors where desk-based sitting predominates. We seek to empower champions and their work teams to raise awareness, build a supportive culture and create sustainable change.  

Meet our team.

BeUpstanding was created and is led by researchers at The University of Queensland, Australia.

Photo of Genevieve Healy

Prof Genevieve Healy

Prof Genevieve Healy is the Principal Investigator. She is a world-leading expert in sedentary behaviour. Her work has been seminal to understanding the risks of prolonged sitting and she is a strong advocate for dynamic workspaces to positively impact health, wellbeing, and work outcomes.

Photo of Ana Goode

Dr Ana Goode

Dr Ana Goode is the Program Translation Leader. She is an expert in the translation and dissemination of evidence-based health-behaviour change and public health programs into practice. She is passionate about helping people and organisations adopt, deliver, evaluate and sustain programs to improve health and wellbeing.

Photo of Elisabeth Winkley

Dr Elisabeth Winkler

Dr Elisabeth Winkler is the Data Analyst. She has extensive experience in evaluating behaviour change programs, including those with a focus on prolonged sitting and workplace health and wellbeing.

Photo of Lisa Ulyate

Lisa Ulyate

Lisa is a project manager and expert health coach. With a Masters’ degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, she has over 8 years’ experience in health behaviour change coaching. Lisa is passionate about supporting individuals to implement simple and sustainable changes to improve health.

Photo of Steve Goodwin

Steve Goodwin

Steve Goodwin is a software developer with broad experience base in software and systems design, development, implementation and installation. Steve enjoys working on projects that deal with psychology, mental and physical health and has contributed his software expertise to several over the years.

Photo of Sarah

Sarah Hyne

Sarah is a designer and user researcher who helps bring to life good ideas for good people. She has a background in visual communication, UX design, anthropology and behavioural science and has worked with start ups, public and private sector organisations and social enterprises.

Joined by some exceptional academic contributors.

None of this would be possible without our academic contributors Professor David Dunstan, Professor Elizabeth Eakin, Professor Anthony LaMontagne, Professor Neville Owen, Professor Marj Moodie, Professor Leon Straker, Adjunct Professor Trevor Shilton, and Associate Professor Nicholas Gilson.

Our research.

BeUpstanding has been evaluated as part of a national implementation trial funded through the NHMRC, conducted in partnership with SafeWork Australia, Comcare, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, VicHealth and Healthier Workplace WA/Cancer Council WA.

For more information about the BeUpstanding Implementation trial, visit NHMRC and ANZCTR.

Research showcase.

Below are seminal research publications, guidelines and reports from our work, aimed at impacting policy and practice at a national and international level.  

Cover image of report

Safe work Australia

Evidence Review of Sedentary Work

Cover image of report

Vic Health

Reducing Prolonged Sitting in the Workplace Series

Cover image of report


Stand Up Australia Sedentary Behaviour in Workers

Cover image of report

Australian Government

Physical Behaviour & Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines

Cover image of report

Heart Foundation

Sitting Less for Adults

Cover image of report


Menu of Potential Strategies to Support Workers to Stand Up, Sit Less and Move More

Cover image of report

Book chapter

Sedentary Behaviour Epidemiology

Screenshot of pilot study website

research article

Evaluation of the BeUpstanding Toolkit Pilot Study

Cover image of report

research article

Scaling up the Stand Up Australia Workplace Intervention for Translation into Practice

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