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BeUpstanding at Home

Tips for your home office computer workstation.

Ideal for those working from home, this is our no-frills guide to setting up a healthy workstation.

Stand Up and Sit Less At Home

BeUpstanding at Home

Tips & tools to sit less throughout the day while at home.

Ideas to help you stand up, sit less and move more while working from home.

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BUsiness Case

Dear boss letter.

Bosses are busy people. Help them understand the dangers of too much sitting with this simple fact sheet.

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What is the BeUpstanding Toolkit?

A video introduction to the free online BeUpstanding program designed to help workplaces stand up, sit less and move more.

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Business Case

The case for sitting less
and moving more.

Our business case that brings together the evidence for less sitting in workplaces.

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The research on too much sitting.

A directory of academic and industry research on the dangers of too much sitting.

Make a move.

Sitting less has great benefits for your workers’ and your organisation’s health.
Be the one to start the change in your workplace.

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