How it works.

BeUpstanding makes it easy to implement suitable, sustainable changes so that your staff can stand up, sit less and move more throughout their work day.

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Set up.

Sign up, build your teams and assign a champion to run the program. Use our survey to benchmark your teams' starting position.

Stand up.

Use the BeUpstanding resources to carry out cultural and environmental changes that promote more movement at your workplace.

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Wrap up.

Complete a follow-up survey to evaluate the impact on your teams' physical and mental health. Commit to the most effective strategies going forward.

Set up.

Sign up and complete your profile to unlock your BeUpstanding dashboard containing all the steps, tools and resources you’ll need to run the program.

A team champion/s starts by auditing your workplace and running an anonymous staff survey to understand your baseline position.

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Stand up.

Together, and with the guidance of the BeUpstanding resources, your teams will choose and implement a number of strategies to promote less sitting at your workplace.

Behaviour change needs time to take root. We recommend spending 8 weeks to activate the cultural and environmental changes you decide to enact.

Wrap up.

After 8 weeks, have your teams complete our post-program survey. We’ll generate a report that tracks and evaluates the impact the changes have had on your teams' sitting and activity, physical and mental health, job satisfaction and other metrics.

Your organisation can then choose which strategies to commit to for the long-term to create effective, sustainable change.

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Make a move.

Sitting less has great benefits for your workers’ and your organisation’s health.
Be the one to start the change in your workplace.

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